Monday, May 24, 2010

Similac Welcome Addition Club - BABY freebie

Hey guys & gals, these baby freebies are really some of the best freebies I have ever recieved!! My son Jaicyn was a "Similac Baby", we love their formula and company! When you sign up for the Similac Welcome Addition Club you will receive :

*A free sample of formula
*Coupons to help you save $ on your next purchase
*A booklet on baby's development

You may also receive a similac diaper bag, but i am not 100% sure as I ordered this almost a year ago.

The coupons really help you with the costs of formula.. They usually send out
2x - $5.00 coupons that you can redeem when purchasing similac formula. There! You just saved $10.00 :) The best part is that they send out extra coupons every 6months approximately, another 2x - $5.00. I found them to be so helpful and I think that this company is wonderful for helping us parents try to save $$!!

What are you waiting for?! Go sign up and save!! :)

Corie xo

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