Monday, May 24, 2010

Nestle Baby Program - BABY freebie

Nestle Baby is another fabulous company for moms & dads alike. They offer a great package when you sign up for free to their program. Once you sign up you will receive:

* The Nestle Baby Backpack (filled with the items listed below)
* A subscription to Nestle Baby Digest
* Various Coupons and Samples (great sample of formula/baby cereal)
* Stage Appropriate Emails

I found this to be a wonderful freebie find, I love the backpack it is so useful! The free formula and coupons were great as well.

*Note: Even if you don't have a baby or are pregnant, maybe you know someone that could use the samples... pass the link along to them or order it to give to them... If not, maybe you could order it and donate it to your local women's shelter or food bank*

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