Monday, August 6, 2012

Review : Dr.Beckmann Color and Dirt Collector Sheets

A few weeks ago, I applied to be a product tester for Dr.Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector sheets through their StainTalk Canada Facebook page... and was choosen to try them out! :) I was excited because I enjoy reviewing products and because I never sort through our clothes when I do laundry. As a result, I've had to throw away a few of my favourite tank tops due to them becoming dull and stained after being washed with mixed colours.. These Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets are made from a special ultra-absorbent material that traps loose colour & dirt so it doesn't end up on your clothes. PERFECT! Sounds like just what I need! :) Fast Forward to a week ago.. I received the sample in the mail,which came with two sheets and a coupon for $1.00 off. I couldn't wait to try these colour and dirt collector sheets out! 

Envelope opened - What was inside:
2 Colour and Dirt Collector sheets
$1.00 off coupon & instructions on how-to use
A thank you note, product testing instructions with an invitation to fill out a survey to win a $200 gift card

I read through the instructions and also noted that there is an important warning about washing NEW coloured items separately first as they could be excessive amounts of colour bleed and it also recommends to use two sheets for heavily dyed garments.. The clothes I was washing are not new or heavily dyed, so I used one sheet.

The samples I received, both nice, clean and WHITE.

 Following the instructions, I loaded the washing machine with my usual mix of coloured clothes - there was a couple of white shirts, some red shirts, and the rest of the clothing was blue, black, green and grey..Added some laundry detergent (Purex), and then put the Colour and Dirt Collector sheet in the wash with the clothes... I couldn't wait for the wash to finish, I really wanted see how much colour and dirt this sheet could collect! When the wash was finished, The first shirt I pulled out which was the white tank top, was still WHITE and looked brighter than it did going in which really surprised me.. The rest of the clothes looked nice and clean, no new stains or anything.. no clothing came out dull looking or ruined in any way, which makes me happy :)

The result of the sheet astounded me. I'm not even kidding. It came out dark and dingy looking, clearly it worked! I was definitely impressed seeing the dirt and excess colour on the sheet as opposed to on my clothes!
This was the result I seen : 

up close and personal...yucky dirt and excess colours

I see a big difference between the clean, unused sheet and the used one! Impressive!
I highly recommend the Dr.Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector sheets to anybody who washes mixed clothes in the laundry and is tired of seeing the results of that on their clothing, this product keeps those excess colours and dirt from ruining your clothes! They are not expensive, and they can be found at the following stores : 


Also, in addition to being able to test and review this amazing product by Dr.Beckmann, anyone that applied to become a product tester(whether they were picked or not) was entered into their Bright & Easy Sweepstakes, where we all had the chance to win a new, third-generation iPad!! You all could imagine MY shock and absolute excitement over an email I received from StainTalk Canada that stated I won the Bright & Easy Sweepstakes..the iPad!! :D I still am amazed, not only did I get to try out and learn more about the Dr.Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector sheets, but I also won an iPad just for entering to try these sheets out! Amazing!!! 

A huge Thank-You to Dr.Beckmann & StainTalk Canada - Powered by Dr.Beckmann for choosing me to test your product, I will be buying these at my local Metro as often as I need them, and thank you as well as hosting this amazing sweepstakes, I am so happy that I am going to be the proud owner of an iPad! :)

*Note: I was not compensated for this review, nor did winning an iPad in their sweepstakes influence my review. I am really, truly impressed by the Colour and Dirt Collector sheets and am sharing my honest review and opinion on the product*

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