Sunday, May 30, 2010

FREE samples of Pantene Customized Hair Solutions

Walmart Canada is currently offering various samples of the new Pantene Customized Hair Solutions HERE

I was able to order more than one sample, so I don't believe there is a limit.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Awesome Promotion Alert!! - Maybelline Falsies Mascara

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! So this one is more of a sweepstakes/contest, but they are picking 25 lucky winners a day in a daily random draw!!! You will receive one full-sized tube of Maybelline's Falsies Mascara, which isn't out in stores yet but will be June 1st!! Be one of the lucky ones that get to try it before everyone else!!
All you have to do is :
ENTER HERE and cross your fingers!! There are only 2 more days to enter, so HURRY!! :)

One of my friends just won it, so congrats Christina!!! I hope I'm next!! LOL :)

FAB Freebie!!! - Full Sized Box Of Multi-Grain Cheerios!!!

Ok so while quantities last, Life Made Delicious is giving away many free boxes of multi-grain cheerios to whomever "Likes" them on Facebook!!You then go to (Don't worry I'm pretty sure they send you right to them)sign in or register with, and then get the free coupon for the cereal sent right to you!! Take the coupon to your local grocery store and it's smooth sailing from there! Well, er, at least it should be!! :) LOL

Get it while it's still available!! Quick,Quick!! Don't wanna miss this one!! :)

Corie xo

-Wednesday Blog Giveaways -

Howdy y'all!! :) Ahhhh middle of the week and what's better than an AMAZING giveaway from Tammi over at My Organized Chaos?!?! The answer : nothing!! ;)

Ok, so your probably wondering what it is right???? hehehe :) Ok, alright I give in. I won't make you guess... it's a SUPERSTAR Bounce House from PlayHouse Bouncers!!! This awesome bounce house is worth $499.99 but is currently on sale for $459.99!!!!!

Enter this fabulous giveaway HERE.
Closes June 28/2010 at 9pm MST.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Giveaways @ Jamie's Precious Peas

I found this wonderful blog awhile back and I enjoy visiting there, entering giveaways and reading her reviews :)
Here are some of the giveaways going on currently at Jamie's Precious Peas:

Cookies n Cream Kids - $25.00 Gift Certificate - Ends June 7th 2010

Melissa Moze Handbags & Accessories - 2 (mom & daughter) girl scout badge belts - Ends June 7th 2010

Ann Margaret's Special Tea Shoppe - win a pendandt of your choice - Ends June 7th 2010

Purty Girl Designs - win a piece of your choice - Ends June 7th 2010

There are more giveaways going on there so go check out Jamie's Precious Peas !!

Monday, May 24, 2010

List of BABY freebies!!

** = NEW links/info

join the nestle baby program and recieve a black Nestle Backpack with a can of formula, magazine, change pad etc..

join the Heinz Baby Club and recieve a FREE Heinz Nurture reusable shopping bag,Sample of Heinz Nurture™ Infant Formula,Newborn Nutrition and Feeding Guide & Watch-Me-Grow Growth Chart)

Similac Welcome Addition Club
(sign up and recieve a beige Similac diaper bag with coupons etc..)

Enfamil Family Beginnings
(join/sign up for coupons)

(can request coupons/or email them and ask for samples)

(join for coupons and samples/points program)

HUGGIES® Happy Baby

Johnson & Johnson--New Parent Pack--
Phone- 1-866-565-2229 or 1-877-223-9807
*can request this once every month for new coupons*
(just ask for the "New Parents Pack")
**NOTE-currently only sending new parent pack out to once per household due to so many requests**

Playtex Baby Canada (not sure if still valid)
Call (free) : 1-800-387-1300 and request a $5.00 coupon - don't select option 5.

Beechnut (call or email to ask for samples/coupons)-My personal experience with this one was that I e-mailed them asking for coupons and they replied they no longer offer them...a week later one page of coupons showed up from not 100% about this one!!!
Phone- 1-800-233-2468

Pull-Ups Website (great for potty training tips/info/coupon)

FREE Pull-Ups Potty Training DVD

FREE printable Potty Training Charts, Stickers and Certificate

Print out a free potty training sticker chart

FREE Potty Training Info + printable Progress Chart/Certificate

FREE printable Baby Tooth Chart

Little Swimmers Website-Special Offers

Toys R Us - FREE GOODY BAG(when you sign up for baby registry - NOT sure if this is still valid?!)
When you create a baby registry at your local Toys R Us, you should ask for/or recieve a baby goody bag filled with various baby items. If you create one online, you will probably have to go in to pick it up as I doubt they mail them.

Toys R Us - New Magazine 2010 - links to great $ saving coupons
Babies "R" Us - Baby Catalogue 2010
**supposed to be able to view this catalogue online, it just keeps sending me to the weekly flyer.. i dunno?!**

Rules & Regulations of Reviews & Giveaways

Alright everyone so I have been dabbling in product testing and reviews for over a year now and would really love to one day be a blog that hosts various giveaways and posts many reviews on different companies and products. Any products relating to women/men/children/household/food/laundry-cleaning/vehicles/school/clothing/accessories/jewelery/makeup/fitness/electronics/internet-computers/ and so on I am open to test and review.

If you are a company with a product you would like to be reviewed, please contact me via email and we will make arrangements.

My standard product review/giveaway procedure is as follows :

* I will either contact a company to ask for a product to review or the company comes to me with a product they would like reviewed or apart of a giveaway.

* Once both parties are in agreement, I will be sent a product that I will be testing (either personally or within my family). Within a week of receiving product, then I will post an honest review of my thoughts/likes/dislikes of product.

* If a company is looking to host a giveaway, I will post that a giveaway is going tostart/end on dates agreed upon by both parties. I will post any details needed as well as ways to enter. I reserve the right to promote any giveaway on appropriate websites/forums.

*Once winner(s) is chosen, they will have 3 days from "winner email"(sent after winner is picked)to confirm and send their shipping address to me to pass on to the sponsor/company.

* Shipping of a giveaway product is solely the sponsor/company's responsibility unless otherwise posted.

*Giveaways - Will always be Canadian (as I am!) but there may be giveaways that are open to U.S as well. This will be solely the decision of the company hosting the giveaway.

CoolCanucks = BEST website!!

So I know you all must be dying to know how it is that I stumble across these fabulous finds and one great place that I look to is CoolCanucks. This website is run by the fabulous Roxxyroller who really knows how to run a great site.

At CoolCanucks you will find links to many great deals/freebies/contests & coupons. My favourite spot at CoolCanucks, is the forum. Everyone there is so friendly, kind, helpful and welcoming.

If you are a contest queen or king, you will really love Roxxy's review/giveaway blog, she always has many great giveaways going on that are easy to enter.

Seriously, if you haven't been by CoolCanucks, I STRONGLY suggest you go check it out and sign up to be a member(it's FREE!:)

Corie xo - a.k.a - sexymamma23 (coolcanucks forum member)

Nestle Baby Program - BABY freebie

Nestle Baby is another fabulous company for moms & dads alike. They offer a great package when you sign up for free to their program. Once you sign up you will receive:

* The Nestle Baby Backpack (filled with the items listed below)
* A subscription to Nestle Baby Digest
* Various Coupons and Samples (great sample of formula/baby cereal)
* Stage Appropriate Emails

I found this to be a wonderful freebie find, I love the backpack it is so useful! The free formula and coupons were great as well.

*Note: Even if you don't have a baby or are pregnant, maybe you know someone that could use the samples... pass the link along to them or order it to give to them... If not, maybe you could order it and donate it to your local women's shelter or food bank*

Similac Welcome Addition Club - BABY freebie

Hey guys & gals, these baby freebies are really some of the best freebies I have ever recieved!! My son Jaicyn was a "Similac Baby", we love their formula and company! When you sign up for the Similac Welcome Addition Club you will receive :

*A free sample of formula
*Coupons to help you save $ on your next purchase
*A booklet on baby's development

You may also receive a similac diaper bag, but i am not 100% sure as I ordered this almost a year ago.

The coupons really help you with the costs of formula.. They usually send out
2x - $5.00 coupons that you can redeem when purchasing similac formula. There! You just saved $10.00 :) The best part is that they send out extra coupons every 6months approximately, another 2x - $5.00. I found them to be so helpful and I think that this company is wonderful for helping us parents try to save $$!!

What are you waiting for?! Go sign up and save!! :)

Corie xo

Hello & Welcome! :)

Hi! I'm Corie and this is Corie's Fab Finds. I am always finding great deals, freebies/samples, contests & coupons so I figure I should be kind and share with others LOL :) I have a hard time trying to keep up with my blogging daily, so this is a fresh start. I hope to eventually work with companies to review their products and host giveaways, but first things first...that is getting this blog off the ground, stick to posting daily, and work my way up the ladder :)

**If you are a company that would like to work with me on a product review or giveaway, please contact me via email at : **

**If you are a fellow blogger who maybe could share some tips or great companies to contact, please contact me via email as well**

Thanks for stopping in at my blog, I hope you will be a regular visitor!! :)


Corie xo